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House relocation

House relocation is a very nerve-racking and exhausting work. A lot of time and effort are used in the house removals. Packing these items in boxes, securing them and unpacking in your new home will take a lot of your hours. Transportation is another factor to consider and so with loading and unloading of your belongings. There is no guaranty that there won’t be any breakage or damage to these items when you do this on your own. Moreover, you are upset when you find items missing or misplaced. Looking back, this is a result of improper handling while you were packing your possessions during your house removal. You will end up physically worn-out, your time and money were not put into good use. And maybe, you may have spent more compared to hiring a house removal specialist.

Auckland Finest Movers – House Relocation

Let Auckland Finest Movers, House Movers assist you and get rid of these worries. Our team are fully trained, passed a security check and oriented in customer handling. We guaranty that nothing will be lost and your assets will have the same look when it arrives in your new home. We act expeditiously on any untoward incident reported by our customers on rudeness, misbehavior and mishandling by any of our team members. They are well equipped with the latest technology and have modern tools that will assist them in house removals.

House Moving Process

Wall mounted items are dismantled. Delicate items are wrapped in paper before storing in cartons; like chinaware, glassware, plastic, books and other delicate materials. Furniture is disassembled, foot and bolts are secured before packing. Bubble wraps are applied to mirrors, pictures, flat screen television, computer monitors, glass tops before they are placed in specialty boxes. All of our packaging materials are of high quality, we are aware that a small nick will lead to a bigger cut which will damage the merchandise. A list of content is attached in all boxes and an inventory list will be turned over to you. You can use this in checking the items when it arrives in your new home.

Place Auckland Finest Movers on top of your list when you are looking for House Movers, we guaranty you a stress-free experience.

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