Labour Hire

Auckland Finest Movers accommodates moving service without the truck, only labour hire needs required by our customers. Our team of movers are professionals, security checked, oriented in customer service and equipped with the latest tools to carry out every phase of the move. Your prized possessions will surely reach your new home retaining its original condition. Labour Hire charges cover the time of arrival by our team of movers to the completion of the last activity in the contract. You only have to pay for the time spent in accomplishing the job, a value for your money offer. We have prepared a list of Labour Hire services for you to choose from.

House or Office removal

Furniture like table, office desk, cabinet, shelf, bed and sofa will be disassembled; footings and bolts will be bunched to avoid loss or misplacement. Wall mounted items will be detached. Everything will be organized into groups. Items will be arranged in a way that damage will not be inflicted. Fragile items will be piled together; like glass top, computer monitors and LED television. Breakable goods will be separated from non-breakable ones; electrical equipment is sorted; books and paper materials are gathered together.

Packing or unpacking

Packing materials can be provided by the customer or purchased from us. It is also our customer’s option to decide on what materials to use in their belongings. Delicate items like antiques, heirlooms and breakable ones are paper wrapped. Mirrors, glass tops and monitors are fitted with bubble plastic. Mattress is placed over table top, office desk and chair. Polystyrene is applied to filing cabinet, computer and fax machine. Box spaces are maximized, boxes are labelled and an Inventory Record is prepared. Once the goods reach its point of destination; items are unpacked at a levelled surface, checked for damages and inventoried. Trash is removed before the team leaves your place.

Loading or Unloading

Our team uses levers and pulleys in loading and unloading the merchandise. Trolleys are used in transporting items to and from the van. Utmost care is provided in this process to avoid any damage to the goods. Lighter boxes are placed over heavy ones. Items that are deemed by the customer as priority are placed at the rear of the van.

Heavy Furniture removal or rearranging

Furniture is dismantled and assembled once it reaches your new home. We also carry out furniture rearranging service.

Forklift driver and crane operator

We can provide you a driver for the forklift or an operator for the crane.

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