Bull18 Auckland Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading possessions is a laborious process that usually takes the hell out of the owners. It requires lots of physical pressure on the part of the over and a single carelessness might result in personal injuries and cracks or breaks! Definitely it is not a job of single person but it requires a group effort. Get these group efforts from professional loading and unloading services with Bull18 Auckland.

Our team of movers is well equipped with skills and modern equipments that ensure the most secure loading and unloading process with guaranteed satisfactory results. Call us at +64 99749580 and let us know what kinds of loading and unloading services you will need at your end. If you are not sure then definitely we can help you with choosing the right services.


Loading refers to the piling up of packed boxes in a van or truck using safe sliders in order to avoid any damage to the possessions and items. We load all your items using pulleys, levers, hydraulic lift and experienced loading team. The heavier the weight, the bigger machine we use. We will put the heavier equipments at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top.


Once we reach the destination, we will unload and remove your belongings through lever, pulleys or hydraulic lift once again. Trolleys will further be used to move these boxes inside your new home. Our team will take care of all the stuff for any possible cracks or breaks during travel. At this point, we are nearing completion of the job and we do not want any last minute damage to the merchandise.

You can avail our loading and unloading services simply by giving us a call at +64 99749580. Our team is forever ready to work on week days as well as weekends.

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