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Office relocation is one of the most complicated tasks in the moving industry. This will mean shutting down the company for some time until it reaches its new site. During this downtime there will be losses from non-productive man-hour of employees, in sales of goods and/or services. To keep deficits at a minimum, management should form a group and assign a team leader to monitor the progress of the office relocation process. He should be fast on his feet, receptive and accurate in his decision making. As the point man, any concern that will be brought up to any group member will end up with him for proper action. A plan will be prepared breaking down activities into the smallest detail. Timelines will be established on every detail and compared with what is actually happening. This way an activity that is way off schedule will be acted upon immediately. A budget will be submitted to top management for approval covering all cost in the relocation process. When operation is back to normal at the new site, the group will submit a report on the expenses and how the plan worked out.

For an undertaking of this magnitude, it will be best to hire the services of an Office Relocation specialist. We at Auckland Finest Movers are well experienced in the Office relocation Auckland. Our team of movers is skilled, well trained in the latest technology and equipped with modern tools that will make your office relocation a stress free experience. For your guide we have prepared a brief description of what you can expect from us in every phase of the moving process

Office Removal

A site supervisor will be on hand to oversee our team’s workflow, he will be present from start to completion of the project. You can approach him to assist you in any of your concern. Delicate materials will be wrapped in paper before placed in boxes. Mirrors, glass tops, flat screens and computers will be bubble wrapped and packed in specialty boxes. A list of items will be attached to the box and an inventory record will be prepared. Furniture will be disassembled. Rolling carts will be used in transporting these items to the van, all of these will be tightly strapped.


All our vans are well maintained, an assurance of no breakdown during the move and that your goods will arrive on time.

Site Arrival

Packed items are moved to the new office. Packages are opened, the inventory record is used to check the contents. Drills are used in assembling requirements. All trash is discarded by our team before leaving the site.

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