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Packing and Unpacking requires you a lot of preparations that is exhausting and tedious. You might need to spend a lot of time while wrapping, fixing items in the box, sorting and not only this, unwrapping them once you reach the new home or office. Look back, would not it be better if you feel like hiring the packers and movers services from some experts that keep away the further problems like damaged, misplaces or missing items, packing and unpacking all kinds of stuff with full safety and yes, saving you a lot of time that otherwise, might had been utilized in other ways. If you want to save time and money then switch to Auckland Finest Movers Auckland, the best in town services with expert team.

What makes Auckland Finest Movers a standout is we do a better job than our competitors at most affordable prices. We are insured and bonded expert services that are disciplined in customer handling, stuff movements, loading, unloading and packing moving. Focus on your new home or office and let these headaches to us.

Packers and movers Auckland


Based on your preferences, we will use paper wraps, bubble wraps, mattresses, polystyrene, cartons etc. All of these materials have been made up with high quality materials. We wrap the delicate items with utmost care and when it comes to packing furniture then we ensure that all the bolts, footings and parts are bundled together to keep them intact and not lost. For all kinds of packing, we have different solutions, depending upon their delicacy. Every box is labeled and an Inventory record is prepared.

Un Packing

Once we reach the destination, it’s time to unwrap things. Items will be checked for any damage, inventory will be made and all the packed things will be unpacked with proper safety. For your convenience we have add-on services; we can re-arrange your furniture and/or put your goods in their proper places.

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