Auckland Finest Movers Piano Removalists

Piano is a great asset for any home but moving the same is a delicate and precarious task. Let this task be accomplished by someone who masters these skills rather than using your own wit and physical power just to crack or break the entire vintage show piece. With varying shape, size and weight, it is hard to handle piano move all by yourself. Let all the value and sentimental feelings be carried by Auckland Finest Movers Piano Removalists.

Get the right assistance with experts and keep away all the possible damages from the decorative piece. Our team knows that it takes something more than just furniture removal expertise to accomplish these tasks and that’s why, we make this difficult move easier through our modern equipments and carry it wherever you want, be it elevator, multi-level building, stairs, tight corner and slope.

At Auckland Finest Movers, our team will smoothly handle your possession right from its top to bottom. We equip ourselves with modern machinery and tool that help us to safely move heavier equipment pieces. Get your piano shifted to source in its original condition when you reach your new home. We provide free of cost consultation to our customers and the prices are reasonable and competitive. Depending upon the path and difficulties/obstructions faced during the move, we provide you the quote that are best in the market.
We disassemble your piano, pack each of its part in strong packaging and move it through cranes and trucks. Being bonded and insured be confident of damage free transfers. When we reach the destination, we will assemble the parts and you are done.

We are insured and registered services and thus offer cover to any damage, if happened, to your items.

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